Cheetah Blades are Best Suited for Cutting Hard Materials like Porcelain and Glass

Cheetah Blades are designed to quickly cut porcelain, marble, granite and glass with a great degree of precision thanks to its slender profile and uniquely formulated diamond rim. With the addition of a noise reducing steel core, the Cheetah is also one of the quietest blades in the industry. Due to its incredible performance and ability to produce clean, chip-free cuts, the Cheetah is an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

Glazed Tile, Porcelain Tile, Granite, Marble Tile

These Cheetah blades are best suited for cutting hard materials like porcelain.

Diameter Rim
Arbor Item
7" 7mm 5/8" CR0780C
10" 7mm 5/8" CR1080C