Grinding Cup Wheels - Single

The GW Series Grinding Wheels contain one or more rows of diamond segments, continuous rims or turbo rims to effectively grind rough surfaces and provide smooth finishing on a wide variety of aggregates, including granite, stone, and concrete. These wheels are designed for use with right angle grinders.

Granite, Stone, Concrete, Masonry

Single rim grinding cup wheels.

When deciding which blade to buy, please keep the following in mind:
The grades in this section define the shape of the grinding cup wheel. The photo displays a double segmented grinding cup wheel. The turbo, continuous, and single segmented grinding cup wheels will have different characteristics.

Diameter Width Rim Height Item
4" 0.25" 5/8"~7/8" or 5/8"~11 Thread GW4050S
5" 0.25" 5/8"~7/8" or 5/8"~11 Thread GW5050S
7" 0.25" 5/8"~7/8" or 5/8"~11 Thread GW7050S