High Speed Dry Cutting Blades - Standard Dry Cutting

The PHS Series High Speed Dry Cutting Segmented Blades are designed for use with hand-held electric or gasoline-powered saws with a maximum spindle RPM of 6000. They are suitable for cutting both abrasive and non-abrasive materials.

Cured Concrete (Hard, Non-Abrasive Materials), Green Concrete (Abrasive Materials), General Purpose

These blades have fair life and are the economical choice for small jobs or for occasional use.

Diameter Width Rim
Arbor Item
12" 0.110" 6.5mm 1"~20mm PHS12aSD
12" 0.125 6.5mm 1"~20mm PHS12bSD
14" 0.110" 6.5mm 1"~20mm PHS14aSD
14" 0.125 6.5mm 1"~20mm PHS14bSD