Masonry Wet Cutting Blades - Standard

The PSM-W Series Segmented Blades are general purpose, wet masonry blades for use with table saws (that operate at a lower RPM than high-speed hand-held saws). They can be used with bricks of varied hardness.

Paver, Brick, Block

These blades have fair life and are the economical choice for small jobs or for occasional use.

Diameter Width Rim
Arbor Item
10" 0.095" 6.5mm 1" PSM10SW
14" 0.125" 6.5mm 1" PSM14SW
16" 0.125" 6.5mm 1" PSM16SW
18" 0.135" 6.5mm 1" PSM18SW
20" 0.135" 6.5mm 1" PSM20SW
30" 0.187" 6.5mm 60mm PSM30SW