Saw Master Prolong Series of Continous Rim Diamond Blades For Cutting Tile and Porcelain

The Prolong Series Specialty Continuous Rim Blades are designed to quickly cut granite, porcelain tile and various other materials with minimal chipping due to its special bonding system and high tension steel core. The extra high rims extends the life of the blade, thus yielding a lower cost-per-cut.

Porcelain, Medium-Hard Brick, Marble, Granite, Ceramic Tile, Glazed Tile

These blades are designed for fast cutting on hard materials due to the high grade, coarse grit diamond content.

Item Number Suffix
L indicates a laser-weld continuous rim blade with reinforced steel core. Specially designed blade that offers precision cutting for professional installers.

Diameter Rim
Arbor Item
7" 9.5mm 5/8" CR0795C
8" 9.5mm 5/8" CR1480C
9.25" 9.5mm 5/8" CR0995CL
10" 9.5mm 5/8" CR1095C
12" 9.5mm 1"~20mm/60mm CR1295C
14" 7.5mm 1" CR1480C
14" 9.5mm 1"~20mm CR1495C