Heavy duty steel storage solution for metal fabrication

The Sheetmaster 100 is a space saving solution designed for the metal fabrication industry. Access the shelves from a crane or either side of the storage system. Locating materials quickly and safely was never easier. The Sheetmaster 100 is perfect for fixture and sheet metal storage. The ultimate in flexibility for use with vacuum lifts, hoists, sheet lifts, magnets, and forklifts.

Standard Features

  • Allows crane access to unload shelves
  • T-handle provides ergonomic assistance to open shelves
  • Automatically locks open shelves in place
  • Automatically locks closed shelves in place

Options & Accessories

  • Bi-directional or bi-directional folding Sheetmaster
  • Folding Sheetmaster
  • Forklift risers
  • Greater capacities
  • Customizable height
  • Rear loading
  • Standard 3 to 8 shelves


Model Number Capacity per Shelf * Upright Height Shelf Size Overall Dimensions
SM84-4896-4 5500 lb. 7 ft. 48″D x 96″W 105.5″D x 111″W
SM84-48120-5 5500 lb. 7 ft. 48″D x 120″W 105.5″D x 135″W
SM84-60120-6 5500 lb. 7 ft. 60″D x 120″W 135″D x 135″W
SM84-60144-7 5500 lb. 7 ft. 60″D x 144″W 135″D x 159″W
SM84-72144-8 5500 lb. 7 ft. 72″D x 144″W 159″D x 159″W

*Other capacities available. Shelf capacity based on uniformly distributed load.