A Great Way To Protect Your Job-Site And Home Against Dirty Foot Traffic.

Impress your customers with your concern for their carpets and floors. Slip-on shoe covers have skid free soles. For site inspections, maintenance, and repair work.

If you’re tired of people who enter your house with dirty, muddy shoes, or want to keep dangerous bacteria from tracking into your space, pick up a box of disposable shoe covers, to make sure you’re putting your safest foot forward.

As a healthcare worker If you are looking for a reliable pair of shoe covers to prevent any spreading of germs, you will want to reach for these ones, from Zip-Up Products.

Shoe covers by Zip-Up Products, are well made super thick, industrial-grade material, that won’t rip or tear. Zip-Up also manufactures CPE waterproof poly shoe covers with elastic top and embossed surface for slip resistance, yet still flexible enough to let you walk and move normally. Zip-Up’s special “anti-skid” coating makes sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground.

Standard Shoe Covers – For carpeted floors and food service areas. Keeps dirt and dust from workspace. Polypropylene. Non-skid bottom. Latex-free.

Water Resistant Shoe Covers – For hard floor and wet floor. Completely waterproof. Keep feet dry and areas clean. Good for Construction Workers, Healthcare workers, Cleaning Crew. Polyethylene. Latex-free.

These shoe covers come rolled and bundled. Unroll and stretch out the elastic slightly to slip your shoes into the covers. Adjust the band to make sure the covers wrap entirely around your shoes.

  • Slip resistant embossed poly
  • Comes in case of 300 or retail size 10 per pack.
  • Large size fits shoes and work boots
  • Reusable



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