The OCM Slab Bolster Grey is a heavy duty plastic slab bolster that can be used to support rebar in all types of slab or wall applications.

  • Interlocking end tabs provide extra strong connection and enables continuous runs of slab bolster.
  • Made from heavy duty yet flexible plastic material which will withstand heavy loads, but still flexible enough to bend 180° for side wall spacers and resistant to breaking and snapping.
  • Wide footprint provides stability under load.
  • Flat top allows the user to slide rebar freely into position during placement.
OCM Part No. Weight per LF lbs Bundle Qty Linear Feet
SBCOMP-75 0.10 100
SBCOMP-100 0.10
SBCOMP-125 0.12
SBCOMP-150 0.14
SBCOMP-200 0.16
SBCOMP-250 0.17
SBCOMP-300 0.19