Weha Safety Yellow Slab Dolly with 4 Wheels. 2 new Rubber Tires and 2 plastic balance caster wheels. 800 lb Capacity

The Weha yellow 4 Wheel Slab Dolly is a great install dolly for bringing in larger pieces and islands. Special Rubber tires with weight capacity of 800 lbs give this granite install dolly a unique advantage.

The Black 8" tires offer a special rubber that keeps marks off the floor while installing.

The stone channel comes with a wood bed for the stone to rest against.
The stone channel is also 3 1/2" wide to accommodate laminated tops.

The Weha granite install dolly is painted safety yellow for easy visibility for loading and moving.

Although the granite dolly comes with the 2 extra balance casters, they do not have to be installed. Or only 1 can be installed.
This is a personal choice and preference.

This dolly will also work great for Glass, Metal, drywall and other Sheet goods.

Weha Yellow Granite and Stone Install Dolly Specifications:

40" x 4" x 8"
Tire Diameter: 8"
C channel load with: 3 1/2"
Weight Capacity: 800 lbs