SMITH LNX8 Gasoline Rotary Eraser with Depth Control System

The SMITH LNX8™ DCS is the ideal choice for when you need to remove markings without leaving grooves or ghost lines normally associated with drum-style machines that rely on scraping or striking. This rotary action scarifier hovers over the surface breaking and scraping coatings simultaneously, leaving a smooth, beveled edge. It features SMITH's revolutionary electronic DCS depth control system that raises and lowers your cutter with the push of a button, so you can quickly adjust your cut depth without stopping production.

Smith LNX8 is also available without Depth Control
Standard Features
  • Depth Control System (DCS)
  • Vacuum port
  • Dual feathering swivel wheels with brake
  • Maintenance-free sealed drive
  • Twin removable weight ballasts
  • Tilt-up chassis for spindle access
  • Spindle pitch leveler
Power Options
25N987 - 13HP Honda gasoline engine
Removal and Speed
  • ≤ 8" wide
  • 1/8" depth/pass
  • ≤ 800 SF/hr
Cutter Choices
  • Coarse erasing spindles (72-pin PM3000)
  • Medium erasing spindles (144-pin PM3001)
  • Fine erasing spindles (216-pin PM3002)
  • Carbide-pick planing disks
  • Wire brush spindles
  • Ball hitch
  • Tach/hour meter
Size / Weight
Weight: 485 lbs / 219.1kg
Dims: 47" L x 31" W x 40" H