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Soudabond Easy is a fast curing, ready to use, one component, PU adhesive.

  • Integrated gun system
  • Reusable
  • Easy application
  • Time & money saving
  • Excellent adhesion to almost all substrates
  • Fast cure
  • High initial grip
  • Even adheres to moist surfaces 

20 oz. aerosol can Genius Gun

• Polyurethane Adhesive

• Moisture Cure, One Component

• One Can Replaces up to 10 (24oz gun)/ 7.5 (20oz

Genius) Quart Tubes of Solvent Based Adhesive

• One Can Covers up to 140ft 2 (24oz Gun)/ 105ft 2

(20oz Genius) of Insulation Boards



Curing system

Curing speed(*)

Skin formation(*)

Can be trimmed (*)

Full strength (*)

Post expansion

Thermal conductivity (DIN 52612)

Tensile strength

Shear strength

Temperature resistance

UL 723 (ASTM E 84) Fire test

Single component polyurethane

Stable adhesive foam (does not sag)

Moisture cure at room temperature

About 30 minutes -1.2 inch adhesive bead

About 8 minutes - 1.2 inch adhesive bead

About 50 minutes -1.2 inch adhesive bead

About 12 hours - 1.2 inch adhesive bead


About 0.035 W/(m·K)

27.6 lbf/in 2

20.6 lbf /in 2

-40°F to +194°F when cured/ +248 °F (up to max. 1 hour)

Flame Spread 15, Smoke Developed 35

(*) Measured at 68 °F / 65 % R.H. These values may vary depending on ambient factors such as temperature, humidity and type of substrate.


• Excellent adhesion on most substrates, except for PTFE, PE and PP.

• Always store can with the valve pointed upwards.

• Cured PU foam must be protected from UV radiation.

• Lower temperature and humidity will extend curing time.

• Excellent Adhesion to Most Building Materials

• Even Sticks to Moist Surfaces

• High Initial Grip (Green Strength)

• Great Thermal & Acoustical Insulation

• Cost-saving (Time & Labor)

• Solvent Free

• CFC-free Propellants, Harmless to Ozone Layer

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