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Spec-O-Lith is a water-based solution of fluosilicates, formulated to harden and dustproof concrete floors and improve the wearing characteristics of new or aged concrete and terrazzo.

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Provides a chemically hardened surface with increased resistance to water, chemicals (acids, alkalis, etc.), grease, and oil absorption.

Spec-O-Lith is especially effective in strengthening weak, soft, or dusting concrete surfaces.

Spec-O-Lith is ideal for factories, warehouses, schools, hospitals, breweries, aeries, food processing plants, and service garages.

Spec-O-Lith is compatible with most conventional carpet and tile adhesives.

Features & Benefits

  • Dustproofs/hardens
  • Five Year Dustproofing Warranty
  • Excellent pre-treatment for floor sealers
  • Resists water, chemical, and oil absorption
  • Produces a concrete floor many times more abrasion resistant than untreated concrete