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A multi-component, water-based polymeric protectant that improves the appearance and durability of concrete floors.

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5 Gallon Pail

SpecGuard incorporates a cross-linking nano-technology that aids penetration and adhesion creating a tough, stain-resistant coating.

SpecGuard also contains UV absorbers that enable it to protect colored or dyed concrete against UV degradation.

SpecGuard can be used alone or in combination with a reactive sealer such as SpecHard or LithSeal SC to give concrete floors a glossy finish, harder surface, and protective chemically resistant seal.

Features & Benefits 

  • Durable yet breathable
  • Does not require buffing
  • Easy-to-apply and reapply
  • Rejuvenates with dry buffing
  • High-solids concentrated formula
  • Retains high-gloss under scrubbing
  • Safe to use — Water-based, low odor
  • Protects colored or dyed concrete from UV degradation
  • SpecGuard meets all federal VOC requirements (check local/regional regulations for compliance)
  • Treated floors exhibit instant exceptional gloss and long-lasting scuff, scratch, and stain protection
  • Resists staining when subjected to periodic dripping of hot oils, making it ideal for use in food preparation areas
  • Provides 24-hour stain protection to the most common stain-causing agents found in grocery stores, restaurants, warehouses, and distribution centers