If time is truly a test of one's quality, effectiveness, and end-all character, then C.H. Hanson brass stencils have earned their place at the top of the hand tool list.

Since 1866, our company has been manufacturing the highest quality and most accurate stencils for the professional and novice alike. Our traditional Reese® interlocking brass stencils are perfect for marking crates, pallets, boxes, aisles, floors and much more. The durable 28-gauge material will stand up to demanding applications and quickly clean up with paint thinner or ink solvent since brass naturally resists chemical deterioration and corrosion.Choose from a wide variety of sets or individual letters and numbers. Stock items include character sizes from 1/2 inch all the way up to 12 inches. And if one of our many stock items doesn't fit your needs, we can easily develop a custom solution just for you.

  • Rugged 28-gauge brass construction for durability and long life
  • Stencils resist chemical deterioration and clean up with ink or paint solvents
  • Available in sets or individual characters
  • Traditional Reeses® alignment edges make connecting individual characters easy
  • With proper care, can last a lifetime
  • All CH Hanson stencils are proudly made in the USA with USA sourced brass