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Stone Pro | Pro Clean (Concentrate)

Pro Clean - Neutral No-RInse Cleaner

A pH neutral no-rinse cleaner for all natural stone and hard surfaces. Detergent-free, leaves no residue which can dull the surface. Non-acidic. Available in concentrate gallon and Ready-To-Use 32 oz. Spray. Ready-To-Use (RTU) is diluted 40:1.

Application Instructions:

  1. For normal cleaning, mix 1 part Pro Clean and 40 parts clean water. For heavily soiled floors, adda greater amount of Pro Clean (DO NOT USE AT FULL STRENGTH)

  2. Apply cleaner with a clean mop or with an auto-scrubber.

  3. Allow floor to dry completely before allowing any foot traffic.

  4. If water streaks occur, simply buff them off with a soft cloth or a white

    buffing pad.

  5. When using Pro Clean on vertical surfaces, mix in a spray bottle and ap-

    ply with a sponge or a soft cloth. (also available in Ready-To-Use quart spray bottles)