Summit Metal Bond Wheels designed to be used in surface preparation for polishing


  • Designed To Grind and Hone Granite Surfaces with Radial Arm Polishers
  • Removes Gang Saw Marks and Prepares The Granite Surface for Polishing
  • Aggressive and High-Quality Performance
  • Quickly and Easily Smooth Out Backside of Slabs
  • Fast, Consistent Results with A Long Life
  • Available in 6", 8" and 10" Diameters
  • Grits Available: #50, #80, #200 and #400

Alpha® Summit Metal Bond wheels for radial arm wet polishers begin the polishing process. They grind and hone the granite surface making it smooth enough to take a polish. These wheels remove gang saw marks and prepare the granite surface for transition to polishing grits. This particular bond is ideal for the North American markets. Fabrication applications of countertops, tabletops, and the backside of slabs are quickly and easily made smooth. Monument applications of interior walls, sides, undersides and tops are easily processed. These wheels are aggressive and are designed for high quality performance. They are long lasting and provide fast, consistent results. We recommend a speed of 400 RPMs at medium to light pressure with constant water flow for best results. Available in three common sizes and four grits, the Alpha® Summit Metal Bond wheels will fill a variety of applications and fit on most common radial arm polishers.

Part No. Size Recommended For Grit Color BondType
SM060050 6" Granite 50 Green Metal
SM060080 6" Granite 80 Blue Metal
SM060200 6" Granite 200 Yellow Metal
SM060400 6" Granite 400 Orange Metal
SM080050 8" Granite 50 Green Metal
SM080080 8" Granite 80 Blue Metal
SM080200 8" Granite 200 Yellow Metal
SM080400 8" Granite 400 Orange Metal
SM100050 10" Granite 50 Green Metal
SM100080 10" Granite 80 Blue Metal
SM100200 10" Granite 200 Yellow Metal
SM100400 10" Granite 400 Orange Metal