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Trimaco SuperTuff™ Cone Strainers are ideal for removing unwanted dust and other impurities from small quantities of paint.

Now made with synthetic mesh instead of cotton, this means more accurate pore sizes, better filtration and purification of paint, and faster straining. Medium mesh strainers work on latex or oil based paints, and fine mesh cone strainers are especially suited for all lacquers and enamels. Super Fine Mesh are designed especially for base coat or clear coat finishes, but also provide superior painting for all paints, including water-based. See the chart below for available mesh sizes.

Trimaco’s Cone Strainer Holder is a convenient, sturdy stand which holds your cone strainer in place while pouring paint through. Simple wire construction is sturdy and easy-to-handle. Makes straining fast and reduces mess! Check out our entire collection of paint strainer products.

  • For straining all paints and stains
  • Strong, durable cone-shaped construction
  • Removes impurities in latex or oil based paints
  • Fine mesh is especially suited for lacquers and enamels
  • Made with synthetic mesh

SuperTuff™ Cone Strainer

11101 Bag Cone Strainers – 4ct 25 medium mesh – 226 microns
11105 Bag Cone Strainers – 1000ct 1 medium mesh – 226 microns
11105/250 Sleeve Cone Strainers – 250ct 1 medium mesh – 226 microns
11105/100 Box Cone Strainers – 100ct 1 medium mesh – 226 microns
11107 Case Cone Strainers – 1,000ct 1 fine mesh – 190 microns
11107/250 Sleeve Cone Strainers – 250ct 1 fine mesh – 190 microns
11109 Case Cone Strainers – 1,000ct 1 super fine – 125 microns

Cone Strainer Holder

30118 Cone Strainer Holder 1 one size