Ceramic Porcelain Blade

Not all bridge saw blades work for every material. There are specific blade for particular slabs, sheets, or tiles. Tenax has developed a series of diamond blades designed for working on sintered materials. This 14 inch ceramic porcelain cutting blade is made for cutting sintered materials like ceramic and porcelain.

Sintered materials are diverse. However, they are generally very hard materials that require specific specifications for successful cutting. This ceramic porcelain diamond bridge saw blade is designed for cutting porcelain countertops, as well as other porcelain materials. Yet, that is not the only material this blade can cut. Other sintered materials are extremely hard like porcelain and this blade may work well on those materials as well.


  • Specifically Marketed to Sintered Material Fabricators
  • 2150-2500mm RPM
  • Feed Rate for Straight Cut: 800-2000mm Per Minute
  • Feed Rate for Miter Cut: 500-1400mm Per Minute
  • Standard 2.3mm Core Thickness
Porcelain Tile Thickness RPM Ø360 RPM Ø410 Feed Speed LM/Min
3-4.9MM 2,150-2,500 1,900-2,200 1.5-1.8
5-9MM 2,150-2,500 1,900-2,200 1.2-1.5
10-12MM 2,150-2,500 1,900-2,200 1.0-1.2
13-20MM 2,150-2,500 1,900-2,200 0.8-1.0


While entering and exiting the cut, reduce the feed speed by 40-50%.

While cutting at 45°, reduce the feed speed by 40%.