Ultracut ABM Series general purpose blades for cutting pipes, metals, plastics, wood, and concrete

Alpha® Ultracut ABM Series is designed for use on most popular pneumatic cut-off tools which are widely used in automotive body shops and many other industrial manufacturing facilities. Unlike regular abrasive cut-off wheels, the Alpha® Ultracut doesn't change diameter during the cutting operation. It will maintain maximum cutting depth throughout its life. The Ultracut was made with the highest quality diamond grits allowing you to cut multiple layers of different materials while assuring a fast, clean cutting experience. The Alpha® Ultracut has bi-directional rotation so that you can use on reversible cut-off tools, which could be useful to direct sparks and debris away from the operator.

  • Designed for Use On Most Popular Pneumatic Cut-Off Tools
  • Has Bi-Directional Rotation
  • Maintains Excellent Cutting Performance and The Maximum Cutting Depth Throughout Its Life
  • Perfect for Automotive Body Shops and Other Industrial Manufacturing Facilities
  • Made with The Highest Quality Diamond Grits
  • Cuts Angle Iron, Pipe, Electrical Conduit, Re-Bar, Metal Stud, Structural Metal, Sheet Metal, Grid, and Stainless Steel, Wood, Plastics, Composite Materials, Masonry and Concrete
  • Available in 3" and 4" Sizes

Part No. Size Thickness Maximum RPM Arbor(s)
ABM0338 3" 1.5mm 20,000 3/8" (10mm)
ABM0438 4" 1.5mm 18,000 3/8" (10mm)