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No more damaging slings or bolts - install panels the easy way with industrial suction cup lifters

Now available w/ Intelli-Grip Technology®, automatically monitoring vacuum and power systems to maximize safety and efficiency while simplifying maintenance and repairs

Stock# Model# Description Load Capacity
98470 MTCL6625DC3

Cladding Lifter:

Insulated Metal Panel lifter w/ Intelli-Grip & Dual Vacuum system.
Great for wall and roofing panels.

700 lbs [320 kg]
98741 MRTALP4625DC3

Panel Master:

Insulated Metal Panel lifter w/ Intelli-Grip and Dual Vacuum System.
Options allow for handling long roofing panels.

600 lbs [270 kg]
98721 P110T04DC3

Panel Channel Lifter:

Insulated Metal Panel lifter w/ Intelli-Grip & Dual Vacuum system.
Ideal for 
cold storage panels and small to medium insulated metal panels.

600 lbs [270 kg]

Panel Master

Designed specifically for lifting and positioning Insulated Metal Panels, this low-profile WPG model handles loads up to 600 lbs (270 kg).

Special 6” x 25” Vacuum Pads Attach to panels that have high ribs or standing seams. Adjustable Pad Arms and Movable Pad Mounts Allow the lifter to match a variety of panel profiles (widths, contours). Quadra-Tilt Design Enables a single operator to easily move heavy loads between upright and flat positions.

Cladding Lifter

Install roof and wall panels easily with this versatile lifter from Wood's Powr-Grip, capable of handling loads up to 700 lbs (320 kg).

Adjustable Vacuum Pads Get the best grip on loads of various shapes and sizes  by moving pad mounts as needed. Pad Frame Extensions Install tool-free for jobs that require handling extra-long panels!  Intelli-Grip® Technology This WPG-exclusive technology oversees power and vacuum systems, increasing productivity and improving safety. Download the Intelli-Grip App to monitor the lifter from a distance!

Panel Channel 600 (With DC3 Dual Vacuum system and VPFS10T Pads)

With a capacity of 600 lbs [270 kg], this lightweight vacuum lifter is perfectly suited for installing cold storage panels and smaller IMPs.

Intelli-Grip® Technology WPG’s exclusive technology increases productivity and  improves safety. Download the Intelli-Grip® App to monitor  the lifter from a distance! Flexible Sealing Rings Replaceable rings attach reliably on textured surfaces or contours up to 1/8” [3 mm] deep. High-Flow Vacuum Pump Saves time when attaching and releasing loads, helping to boost productivity.