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Weha 4" WX2 Multi Blade

by Weha
SKU 50270
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Weha 4 Inch Multi Blade is a cup wheel, blade, and rodding blade all in one for use on granite, marble, engineered stone, and quartzite

The Weha WX2 Multi Blade/Cupwheel is an extremely versatile tool for both the shop and the job site.

The WX2 can be used as a diamond cup wheel for aggressive, yet smooth finish grinding.

It can be used as a traditional diamond impregnated diamond blade for cutting with a grinder.

And with a thickness of 3/16" it can also be used as a rodding blade!

Made with premium quality diamonds, the WX2 can be a one stop blade for multiple uses in the shop and on the jobsite.

Comes with the quad adapter.
Can be used wet or dry.
Max 10,000 rpm.