Weha R 1500 Scissor Lifter for Granite, Marble, Concrete, Steel, Monuments

The Weha R 1500 Scissor Lifter Heavy-duty slab grab is a very robust scissor lifter with a galvanized surface.  Lifters  R400, R1000, and R100 Jumbo are some other Scissor Clamps Weha offers.  

Jaws and other contact surfaces are completely rubber coated.

A return spring keeps it in the vertical position. When the slab is being put down, a locking mechanism (patended) locks automatically.

Designed for thicker and heavier materials, the Weha R 1500 Lifter is super strong to lift monuments, concrete, granite, and other materials up to 8" thick.

The Weha R 1500 Scissor Lifter comes with an eye hook for eye hooks, chains, cables, etc.

Manufactured by Weha Germany


Load Capacity: 3307 lbs
Height when closed: 25"
Height when fully extended: 33"
Lifting thickness: 1"-8"
Rubber coated surface plates: 4 pads: 8" x 7"
Weight: 93 lbs