Weha Trilogy 3 Step Diamond Polishing Pads for Black, Brown, Gray Engineered Stone. Excellent on light ES, Quartz, Quartzite, Granite, Marble

Diameter: 4"
Polish: Dark Engineered Stone, Light Engineered Stone, Granite, Marble
Wet Polish: All stones
Dry Polish: Granite
Ideal RPM: 4500-5500 RPM

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Weha Trilogy 3 Step Diamond Polishing Pads are the absolute best polishing pads specifically for Black, Brown, Gray, Engineered Stone, Quartz stone.
But they are equally as good on black absolute, Baltic Brown, Uba Tuba, and other dark granites and marbles.
Additionally, they work amazing on light colored engineered stone, quartz, granite, marble, as well with zero bleeding.

Absolutely perfect for Silestone, Cambria, Caesarstone, Zodiaq, Santa Marhergita,and all other Quartz Surfaces.

So many fabricators are using 5 step or 7 step pads to match the polish on these dark quartz materials.

Now with the Weha Trilogy, 3 pads and THATS IT! Not 3 steps and buff. Not 3 steps and 1 more. 3 steps and put it on the truck.

Weha 4" 3 Step Trilogy Dark Quartz Diamond Polishing Pads FAQ:

1) Do the Weha Trilogy 3 step polishing pads really polish black or brown engineered stone in 3 steps and match the top perfectly?
Absolutely! The Weha 3 step Trilogy Dark Quartz polishing pads will polish any of the dark quartz materials, especially black, brown, gray stones to match the factory polish with no marks or haze. 3 steps and put it on the truck. The Weha Trilogy pads concept and design was to specifically target the most difficult engineered stone quartz materials and polish them in 3 steps. And it does just that

2) Do the Weha Trilogy 3 step polishing pads bleed on light stone and light engineered stone although gray in color?
Not at all. The special resin matrix used to encapsulate the diamond bond on the 3 step Trilogy will not bleed on light materials. Check out the Trilogy videos and see for yourself. The Weha Trilogy 3 Step Dark Engineered Stone Pads have been tested on many different colored quartz materials made by many different manufactures, such as Cosentino Silestone, Cambria, Zodiaq. The results have been extremely good with no bleeding or resin marks on the stone.

3) Can I use the Weha Trilogy 3 Step polishing pads on my light and dark granite?
For sure. The Weha Trilogy will polish black granite, dark granite, light granite, and all in between in just 3 steps.

4) Will the Weha Trilogy polish Quartzite stone?
yes. The Weha Trilogy has been tested on quartzite stone, such has Taj Mahal quartzite with perfect match results

5) Can I use the Weha Trilogy dry on Granite?
Yes you can. The results will be good on light granite. We don't recommend using them dry on white marble or engineered stone. For best results polishing granite and marble dry in 3 steps, we
recommend the Weha Triad 3 Step Dry polishing pads.