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Wet Look WB is a durable water based sealer designed to give the surface that deepened “Wet Look” appearance.

Glaze n Seal also has Solvent Based Sealers

It is a clear acrylic finish designed to protect and beautify slate, concrete, flagstone, quarry tile and other masonry surfaces. It can be used indoors and outdoors and is UV resistant. It is LEED eligible.

• Deepened wet look appearance
• Water base formula
• Medium sheen / film forming
• Use indoors and outdoors
• Resist oil, grease and food stains
• Non-yellowing
• Efflorescence resistant
• Low VOC formula

SDS Sheet

Fact Sheet

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Glaze ’N Seal “Wet Look WB” is an environmentally superior low VOC water-based sealer. It is especially formulated to give the surface that glossy, “Wet Look” appearance. It may be used indoors or outdoors and is extremely easy to apply and maintain. “Wet Look” WB is a quick drying, non-yellowing formula that protects against organic stains, including cooking oil and grease.

USES “Wet Look WB” protects and beautifies all concrete and decorative concrete surfaces, exposed aggregate, pavers, natural stone and porous tile. It is ideal for driveways, patios and interior floors. For interior application, use Glaze ’N Seal Acrylic Floor Polish for an added durable abrasion resistance to foot traffic and to extend the life of the sealer.

FEATURES • Glossy “Wet Look” appearance • Easy to apply • Meets all VOC regulations • Never yellows • Repels oil and grease stains • Eligible for LEED points • Non-flammable • Blush resistant • Breathable. Cleans up with water • Re-coatable

PREPARATION All surfaces must be free of efflorescence, dirt, oil, wax, grease and defective paint or sealer. If acid has been used, neutralize surface with a product like Glaze ’N Seal Neutralizing Rinse and allow surface to dry thoroughly before applying sealer. When water is used or surface is wet from rain, allow surface to dry 72-hours before sealing.

APPLICATION Important Note: Always Test a small area of the surface to be sealed to verify penetration and satisfaction of sealed appearance.

Do not shake container. Apply two or more coats of sealer (do not allow it to puddle). Make sure each coat is dry to the touch before applying second coat; usually one to three hours. Allow additional drying time in moist climates. Sealer can be applied with brush, lamb’s wool applicator or spray equipment, dependent on the porosity and texture of the surface. Apply between 55º and 80ºF. Allow 72-hours curing time against heavy moisture and bulk water. Do not allow to freeze and avoid heavy usage for up to 72-hours. Sealer will continue to gain strength for up to one week.

Coverage: 100-400 sq. ft. per gallon dependent on porosity of the surface.

Maintenance: Sweep and mop floor regularly. For added abrasion and wear protection and to extend the life of the sealer on interior floors, use Glaze ’N Seal Floor Polish (high-gloss or matte) as a traffic coat.

Packaging: Glaze ’N Seal “Wet Look” WB Sealer is packaged in quarts, gallons, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.