Willy Bridge Saw Machine for industrial cutting of granite, stone, and other types of slabs

Installation and training included

The Willy Bridge Saw-WS-8450-2016 is a modern strong Mono-block and versatile machine, with ease machine controlled by siemens PLC technology with three axis for simple operation that increase production on the cut natural and artificial stone. The WS-8450-2016 was especially designed for ease transport assemble installations and highly efficiency on cut of slabs with the maximum depth of 130 mm (5"-depending on the blade used). because it is mono-block you can easily move it inside of your shop for adjust your line of production.

Bridge saw machine - Model 2016 willy WS-8450
Total weight - Mono Block Machine 13,000 LB
Electric Power 220-400 Volts.
Machine Dimensioimensions W x D x H 220.5" x 130" x 119.2"
Dimensions of the work platform 130" x 79"
Blade Diameter 16"-18"
Max Work Piece Lifty 10"
Main Engine Power 15 Kw (20 Hp)
Power of the "up-and-down" engine 1,1 Kw (1.5 Hp)
Power of the translation engine 1,5 Kw (2,0 Hp)
RPM 2.100
RPM Optional Invertor 0 up to 3,500
Needed Water Pressure Mca > 0,2
Water Consumption M3/H

Path of axis

  • Axis of transportation course X
  • Axis of transportation course Y
  • Axis of course Z
  • Axis of tilting motion of the saw B*
  • Axis of movement of the table C**

* =Manual inclination
**=Motorized Turn

Size of the tilting table

  • Size of the X-axis table
  • Size of Y-axis table