Mix Perfect Mortar, Stucco, Grout or Concrete with This Towable Multi-mixer

The Workman II 250 and Workman II 350 Multi-mixers are the contractor's choice for heavy-duty mixers. IMER's steel drum towable mixers are easy to use, easy to maintain, durable, reliable and long-lasting. Available in a full range of sizes and engine and motor configurations.

Workman II250- 9 cu ft capacity
Model # 1105851|Model without Motor
Model # 1105850|5.5 HP Honda GX
Model # 1105842| 110V/60Hz 1.5 HP, Single-Phase
Model # 1105843|220V/60Hz 1.5 HP, Single-Phase

Workman II350 - 12 cu ft capacity
Model # 1105856|Model without Motor
Model # 1105855|5.5 HP Honda GX
Model # 1105862|110V/60Hz 1.5 HP, Single-Phase
Model # 1105863|220V/60Hz 1.5 HP, Single-Phase