WSE30-XLE HIGH-CYCLE WIRE SAW with 49 ft wire capacity made by Diamond Products


  • Single 25HP high-cycle Compact electric motor that reduces weight and size versus traditional electric motors
  • High speed wire cutting that has an adjustable cutting speed up to 25m/s
  • Single pneumatic cylinder with simple autotmatic take up and constant tensioning, completely adjustable by the operator 49 ft (15m) total wire take up
  • Large storage capacity to make larger cuts without repositioning saw
  • Single 16.50" poly lined drive wheel with replaceable poly liner. Liners available in 4 different grip levels
  • Load adaptor drive wheel to motor connection-reduced load on motor to prolong life
  • Low entry pull side-reduces danger of broken diamond wire
  • Fully positionable guide pulleys
  • Low rolling resistance pneumatic tires for easy maneuvering on rough terrain
  • Interior spray system allows water to be sprayed directly on drive wheels to cool while cutting
  • Includes high-cycle, 460V - 700Hz control station and hoses


Length: 71.00"
Width: 30.00"
Height: 46.00"
Weight: 780 lbs.
Part # 5802295
Cat # 80433