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Zenesis General Purpose Blade

by Zenesis
Original price $168.92 - Original price $498.52
Original price
$168.92 - $498.52
Current price $168.92
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Zenesis General Purpose Blade for cutting asphalt, concrete, bricks, block, and more

The Zenesis General Purpose Blade is a diamond blade made in Korea. The masonry blade is used for cutting asphalt, brick, block, concrete, and other hard materials in the construcion feild. The masonry blade is mostly used for general purpose construction and concrete.

Features of Zenesis General Purpose Blade:

  • Application: General Purpose, Cured Concrete, Masonry
  • Equipment: High Speed Saw, Table Saw, Low HP Walk Behind
  • ZENESIS Patterned Diamond Blade, Key Slot


Part Number Description Seg. Height
ZSM30S12N1212E 12 x .125 x 1-20MM, PH 12MM(.472")
ZSM30S12N1412B 14 x .125 x 20MM 12MM(.472")
ZSM30S12N1412E 14 x .125 x 1-20MM, PH 12MM(.472")
ZSM30S12N1612B 16 x .125 x 20MM 12MM(.472")
ZSM30S12N1612E 16 x .125 x 1-20MM, PH 12MM(.472")
ZSM30S12N2414E 24 x .145 x 1, PH 12MM(.472")