Weha 2" x 1 1/2" Diamond Zero Tolerance Drum Resin Filled

Weha Diamond Zero Tolerance Drums are Premium quality zero tolerance wheels that perform with the best brand names in the industry.

Each individual Zero Tolerance Wheel is perfectly balanced to make sure runs true with no bouncing.

As an aggressive stock removal tool, the Weha Resin Filled Zero Tolerance Wheel is designed to rapidly remove stock to get the counter top to the exact line needed for polishing or shaping.

Although made with an aggressive bond, the resin in the Weha Zero Tolerance wheel will keep the stone smooth with drastically reduced chipping and blowouts.

The Weha Resin Filled Zero Tolerance wheels are so much safer than using the Silicon Carbide stones.

Weha 3" Resin Filled Zero Tolerance Wheels may be used wet or dry.

Excellent for granite, marble, Engineered stone

2" x 1 1/2" 5/8"-11 thread Zero Tolerance Wheel Coarse Resin Filled

Center water feed
Wet or dry use
10,000 rpm