ZOOM Diamond Impregnated Pads are the CHEMICAL-FREE solution for care and maintenance of natural stone and terrazzo.

Just add water. Simply use these pads with water and avoid all the risk of chemicals and inexperience.

StonePro ZOOM Pads are designed for cleaning, light restoration and maintenance. Each pad has millions of micro-diamonds infused to the surface. The result is quicker and easier polishing with no need for additional chemicals to get a great result. These diamond floor pad can be used on marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo and polished concrete. ZOOM Pads come in a variety of grits and sizes to fit the most popular machines and take on jobs for light maintenance to heavy duty cleaning and repair.

Available in 7", 17" & 20"

  • 200 grit - Heavy duty cleaning. Most aggressive. Removes scratches and stains
  • 400 grit - Aggressive cleaning / honing. Removes light scratches damage. Leaves a clean matte finish.
  • 800 grit - Deep cleaning. Removes fine surface scratches. Leaves a smooth slightly reflective finish.
  • 1500 grit - Cleans and prepares floor for high polish. Brings back the luster on surface. Can be used as a maintenance pad
  • 3000 grit - Ideal for daily use to maintain a high luster surface. Can be used as a daily maintenance pad.
  • 8000 grit - For daily cleaning. Removes surface dirt and debris. Will add additional shine when used after abrasives steps.
  • 11,000 grit - Buff pad for daily cleaning. Maintain high shine. Will add additional shine when used after abrasive steps.

Zoom pads work in conjunction with a Floor Polishing Machine and some sort of Polishing Agent such as Easy Marble Polish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rich Connolly
Worked as adverised

I used 200 to 3000 and I am very pleased with the semigloss shine on a marble floor that I thought was beyond help. I found that 1000 rpm was correct for 200, 400 and 800 and that 3500 rpms for the1500 and finally the 3000 worked great!

Shawn Farrell
Thank you for the great product!

I decided to refinish our marble island, which is 9' x 11', so it is no small task. I initially bought 5" diamond discs for an angle grinder, and needless to say, I left the island looking much worse than when I started, not to mention freaking my wife out. I found the Zoom pads online and could not be happier. The Zoom pads were easy to use, and the island is like a mirror without a single swirl mark.
Thanks again!
Pleasanton, CA