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Our Terminator Ride-On Floor Scrapers are some of our most innovative and impressive pieces of machinery. It’s highly versatile and can be used to remove a multitude of floor coverings, on various surfaces. To ensure that you get the maximum production and removal rates with your Terminator, we’ve designed add-ons and accessories for specific applications to help you get the job done as easily and efficiently as possible.

For those new to using one of our Terminators, this is a quick tooling intro that will help you to easily understand some of our most common accessories available, and which ones will help you get the job done.

Although it may seem obvious, it’s important to highlight that using the wrong tooling when removing flooring can make your job more difficult, and end up unnecessarily costing you time and money. Just like the importance of choosing the right piece of equipment for the job, having the appropriate tooling will make a big difference.



IMG_7038-106267-edited.jpg140902 BMI Equipment and Candids-73.jpg

This is one of those accessories that will make a difference in set up time. The Swivel Travel Dolly is a two-wheel attachment at the front of the machine that allows you to easily drive your Terminator to the proper location before being utilized.


Like the name states, this tooling is a great option for ceramic and hardwood removal, because of its durability and size. It offers a more direct pressure when trying to remove difficult coverings.


^ Un-Milled:This is a less expensive option because it has not been milled down and has an edge that tapers. As this tooling wears, the edge progressively gets thicker.


^ Milled: This piece of tooling is specially designed so that as it wears, it maintains the same thickness, continuing to keep an edge that easily gets under the tile, hardwood, or other difficult flooring removals.

Both pieces can be flipped as the edge wears to maintain aggressive removal.



Our Saber Claw is available in 3 different sizes; 2”, 4”, and 6” (5.08, 10.16, and 15.24 centimetres). With a hardened carbide edge and hardfaced holder, it will withstand the rigidities of difficult ceramic tile removal with ease. Because it was designed for the Terminator, it’s also easy to switch out if needed.



This heavy-duty scraper is perfect for scraping heavy or bulky debris. The width stretches a full 24” (60.96 cm) making clean up easy. Should it become worn or damaged, the blade is easily replaceable.


We offer multiple different blade variations. They come in different sizes, with notches or without, and self- dicing.

InnovaPro_81-0054 2.jpg^ No Notch Blades stick further out of the holder to allow for more flex which some prefer for elastomeric coatings and VCT type flooring removal.

InnovaPro_81-0055 2.jpg^ Notched Blades go into holder further around the bolts making them more ridged. These are also used for vinyl tile, mortar removal etc. They are essentially the same blade but the notches allow for more rigidity. Ultimately it comes down to user preference.

InnovaPro_81-0071 2.jpg ^ Self-Dicing Blades are recommended for for carpet or other rubber coatings that need to be cut through as you’re scraping.

* The smaller the blade, the more down pressure you have, which is ideal for more difficult removal. The larger the blade the less down pressure you’ll get but you’ll be able to cover more square footage, so it really depends on what you’re trying to remove and what your preferences are.



Like the name states, this useful tool was created for cutting or dicing carpets with ease. This attachment prevents you needing to bend over or crawl on your knees to remove carpet, saving you time and a backache. The Carpet Dicer includes a 10” blade but accepts standard razor blades and hooked blades so you can easily attach your preference.


Swivel Head Jaw.jpg

This wide blade holder for our Terminators, swivels to allow the attached blade to move with the floor, even when driving over debris and other materials. This is ideal to use with blades for carpet removal, glue removal, VCT/VAT removal and various coatings removal. (Available in 8”, 10”, 13” and 26”/ 20.32, 25.4, 33.02, 66.04 cm)


Tile_Tooth_Holder.pngSimilar to the Swivel Head Jaw, this blade holder for our Terminators, swivels to allow the attached blade to move with the floor, even when driving over debris and other materials. However, this robust blade holder is made for attachment blades ideal for more difficult removals like ceramic tile or mortar. (Available in 2”, 4” and 6” / 5.08, 10.16, and 15.24 cm)

We’ve created these products for our Terminator users, to help them better achieve the maximum productivity and efficiency from an equipment standpoint. Understanding the differences and uses will help you to better select the right tooling for you job. If you’re unsure, asking a product specialist is always a good idea - that way you know you’re getting the best tooling for your job.