12" Weha Matrix S Diagonal Diamond Bridge Saw Blade for cutting quartzite and granite

12" Weha Matrix S Diamond Bridge Saw blade for granite, engineered stone, quartz materials.Also great on marbles.

The Matrix S Bridge Saw Blade offers outstanding performance on cnc saw jets as well.

Silent core diamond blade to run quite and smooth.

The Weha Matrix S Bridge Saw Blades are premium diagonal layered diamond blades designed to cut fast, clean and quite.
Unlike other layered blades, the Weha Matrix S diamonds are layered at a diagonal to the core.
This allows 100% continuous cutting. Other layered diamonds have a layer of diamond and a layer of filler, then another layer of diamond. Because of the continuous layer of diagonal diamonds, the Weha Matrix S 18mm height will last as long as other 20-25mm height blades.

12" x 18mm height segment
60mm arbor

German Core
Austrian Segment