Aardwolf Ratchet Seam Setter for securely holding countertop together as glue dries

The Aardwolf Ratchet Seam Setter is used to securely hold countertop segments together as glue dries. This granite seam setter safely positions the countertop and brings two slabs together at the seam. The Aardwolf ratchet seam setter aligns the two granite pieces both vertically and horizontally, ensuring a proper, level seam without having to guess and check multiple times with a level or straight edge.

This particular seam setter comes in a wooden case to help increase the lifespan of the rubber pads. Always take care to replace your ratchet seam setter back into this wooden case to ensure that your tool lasts as long and performs as well as we know it can!

*Aardwolf Tools are highly regarded as quality lifters, seam setters, and other material handling products for the granite industry. That's why we offer the Aardwolf seam setter at a competitive price. View all countertops support equipment.

Packaging Dimension L.17.3"xW.13.4"xH.6.3"

Load Limit 124 lbs

Weight 18lbs

Cup Diameter 7"