Aardwolf Self-Locking trolley SL-155

Automatic clamping feature allows the trolley to move and transport heavy slab materials in a flexible and easy manner. Pneumatic wheels with a high grip meet the demand for transport on every terrain from even too rough.


  • Grips material automatically and securely
  • Clamping supports and base are rubber padded
  • Easily moves the materials


Grip range 0 - 165 0 - 6.5
Rubber wheel 400 15.7
Support plate channel 500 19.7
Working load limit 400 882
Net weight 30 66
Gross weight 32.5 71.7
Packaging dimension 570x530x610 22.4x20.9x24

We typically have these Aardwolf Dollies available:

Slab Dolly

Load Master Trolley

Quad Trolley

Broad Trolley

Self Locking - SL-60

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Self Locking - SL-155