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Abaco Edge Polishing Stand - Auto Lock

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$674.00 - $685.00
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Edge Polishing Stand - Auto Lock for vertical polishing on granite

The adjustable double jaw auto clamping polishing stand is designed for polishing granite that is standing vertically on edge. Granite standing vertically on edge is the most comfortable way for a polisher to hand polish granite edge. This Abaco Edge Polishing Stand provides the polishers the options to set work pieces at their optimum comfort height, thereby reducing strain on the polishers' lower back and shoulders. In addition, it allows the polishers to see what he is doing without getting sprayed in the face with water and grime. With the extra comfort, the polisher will be able to produce quicker and higher quality finish. It provides auto lock rubber lined jaws and quick & easy set up. It can hold large marble or granite slab securely.