Vacuum Glass Lifter designed for moving and installing large sheets of glass weighing up to 1,100 pounds. This is unit needs to be plugged in.

For the same lifter but has an onboard battery that you don't have to plug in, see the DVL 500 Glass Lifter

AVL Abaco Vacuum Glass Lifter is designed for lifting, moving, tilting, and installing large sheets of glass. The glass suction lifter uses air technology and vacuum suction cups to lift glass. Designed to protect the glass from breaking or cracking while effectively moving it. Can be used with a forklift attachment or with a crane system.

Features and Specifications Vacuum Glass Lifter:

  • Designed for lifting, moving, installing large-size glass.
  • Superior vacuum lifter will satisfy customers' requirements.
  • It is able to rotate right/left and incline vertical up to 90 degrees.

Call for 220 Volt options.

Are youlooking for the glass lifter with an on board battery check out the DVL 500 Glass Lifter