Smart Fabrication Table Workstation is a must have for serious fabrication shops.

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Achilli SMART Fabrication Work Station for full coutner top fabrication of the following materials:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartzite
  • Quartz
  • Other Stone

This machine offers a variety of features that allow it to perform virtually every aspect of counter top fabrication. Its flexibility and adaptability make it a must have for serious fabrication shops.

Galvanized Frame

Galvanized steel frame. Stainless Steel work top laser cut to 1/32" of accuracy. This modular system can be extended to multiple lengths. Custom sizes are available for your specific needs and application.

Operating Head

Powerful and reliable pressurized electrospindle with external lubrication automatically activated when the motor turns on. Equipped with frequency inverter, allowing the operator to set 6 different rotation speeds. Head rotation along guides 135°. This rotation head allows many different fabrication options:

  • Radial Arm Bowl Cut Outs
  • Edge Profiling
  • Bevel Polishing
  • Flat Polishing
  • Surface Polishing

Head Motion

Head travel on stainless steel guides and wheels, guides are furnished with adjustable mechanical limit switches. Cutting depth adjustment by hand wheel. Micrometrical adjustment of the spindle motion along the axes Y and Z operated by gear motor.

Cutting Stone

The Achilli SMART Fabrication Work Center takes an 8" that gives a cutting depth of 35mm at 90°, 30mm at 45°. This will allow straight and bevel cuts for dimensioning and mitering.

Core Drilling

The Achilli SMART Granite and Stone Fab Center has a drilling feature that accepts core bits for practically all counter top applications. Cut out the sink or vanity and drill the faucet holes or grommets.

Edge Profiling & Polishing

The Achilli SMART Fabrication Work Station is also a full profile and polishing router. You can profile and polish inside bowls as well as the full edge of the granite, marble, quartz, or quartzite counter top. From small 3mm A radius pencil edges up to 6cm V Full Bullnose edges. Using the OMA profile and polishing system, the edge will not need any handwork.

Surface Polishing

The Achilli SMART Fab Center offers a full array of surface polishing options. Polishing scratches, honing, drain boards is all fully capable with the SMART machine. Add the Fluting diamond blade and create a flute drain board.

Bowl Cutouts

The Achilli SMART Radial Arm Bowl Cut Out feature is no doubt the easiest bowl cut out machine on the market. Running on the super smooth stainless steel rail system, this bowl cutting machine can move with a slight push with the finger. Check out the videos to see just how easy and smooth this granite and bowl cutting machine truly is.

Customer Length Adjustable

The following describes the specifics for each of the three axes:

  • The standard stock X axis length is 118" (3000mm). However the length can go from 59"-147" (1500-3750mmm) in length.
  • The standard stock Y axis width is 39 1/2". However it can be customized up to 45" wide.
  • The standard stock Z axis height is 5" clearance. However it can be customized up to 10" clearance.