Achilli TFM 10 HP Bridge Saw for Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone Fabrication Production

The Achilli TFM Bridge Saw is the perfect solution for a shop producing 5-10 Kitchens per week. or for high production shops that need extra cutting and fabrication speed.

Length of cut: 10' 2" (122") (3100mm)
Diamond Blade size:12", 14",16"
Motor: 10 HP (7.5 kw) 220 v 3 phase Motor
RPM: 1700 rpm
Total length: 14'" (168")
Width of cutting table: 36"
Total width(without side tables) 47"
Total width with side extensions on 1 side: 56"
Total width with side extensions on both sides: 76"
Total height: 90" Net Weight(with rollers and accessories) 2690 lbs

Sturdy and compact structure (no foundations required).
Set up is as simple as leveling and wiring the 220V three phase motor into the buildings power.
Painted with epoxy powder coat finish for years of use E-chains to protect and guide moving cables
WORKTABLE STRUCTURE: Work table fabricated in galvanized steel rails for indefinite use.
HEAD: • Motorized head travel with variable speed from 0-21 ft/min for both forward and reverse
• Head travel Length of cut: 10' 2" (122") (3100mm)
• Length of cut in 45 degree : 114"
• X-axis variable speed by inverter.
• Z-axis cutting depth is power driven for height adjustment
• Manual bridge tilt from 90° to 45° to carry out Miter/bevel cutting.
• Water tank with built-in recycling pump.
• Head runs on angled rack and pinion

• Main isolator switch
• Emergency stop push-button
• "RESET" power-on button
• Main motor start/stop button
• Main motor raise and lower buttons on the Z axis
• raise and lower buttons for pop up rollers.
• Laser switch • Head forward and reverse variable speed controls
• Head forward and reverse control buttons
• Emergency stop push-button on head

• Hydraulic pop-up Rollers: To easy slab loading and positioning Roller table with 32 omni-directional rollers pop up rollers rais and lower by hydraulic pump(included)
• Moble Arm Control Panel For better monitoring and control during cutting Control panel is mounted on an adjustable arm that follows the head along the cutting line Main motor start/stop button Head foward and reverse variable speed controls Main motor raise and lower buttons Emergency stop push button Raise and lower button for motorized pop up rollers
• Water Collection and Recycling system: For a flexible and easy machine operation Steel tank: capacity of 145 gallons of water Water pump with a max capacity of 66 gallons per minute Saves money on water Guarantees the proper amount of water to the blade
• Laser: A laser Diode Mounted on the head Shows Blade cutting line Red Laser color drastically increases set up time
• 6 Work table extensions 20" wide that bolt to the side of the saw to add width to stabilize full slabs Can be mounted on both sides of the saw Width of cutting table: 36" Total width with side extensions on 1 side: 56" Total width with side extensions on both sides: 76"
• 1 Side Stop (Squaring Bar)
• 2 adjustable limit switch stops
• 1 set of service wrenches
• User and maintenance manual

The TFM does not require professional installation. Simply level the saw Wire into the building. Fill water tank with water Install blade (we recommend the Weha 14" Matrix blade)

Warranty: 12 months
Achilli has the right to repair or replace fee of charge any mechanical part proven to have a manufacturing defect after being inspected by its technicians, while electrical and electronic components are covered by warranty only if the defects are acknowledge as such by the respective manufacturers.

This item must ship via LTL truck. The shipping fee has NOT been calculated for this item.

Ships from Charlotte, NC
Also contact your local distributor for availability

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