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Alpha Contour Blade for Porcelain

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Contour for Porcelain - Curve Cutting on Porcelain, Crystallized Glass, and Ultra Compact Surfaces

Alpha® has developed the Contour Blade for Porcelain and Ultra Compact Surfaces for hand curve cutting applications such as sink cut-outs on 3cm materials. Due to the nature of these materials, traditional diamond stone blades are not suitable for working on them. The hard, dense, homogenous material is prone to chipping, which can lead to fractures. The Alpha® Contour Blade is perfect for working on these types of materials without chipping or damaging the material. For the best performance, use the Alpha® Contour Blade for Porcelain and Ultra Compact Surfaces with the AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter. This combination helps to assure the success of sink cut-outs without breaking the rim. While this blade may be used wet or dry; these types of materials require it to be used wet.