Create Straight Cuts Every time


Alpha® has re-designed and improved the already popular Alpha® Guide Rail and Carriage System designed for the AWS-125 stone cutter, which made the precise cutting application easier. Now, the new Guide Rails have a track for the new Carriage System wheels to ride along to ensure a smoother, more precision motion. Due to this, the Guide Rails are not only used for cutting applications but also for beveling and polishing. It is an ideal system for the preparation of seamless countertop installations. The base of the system starts with the guide rails that come in lengths of 4', 7' and 12'. Typically, the 4' is the most popular for the trimming application of countertops at the job site. It is also great for the preparation for the seamless countertop installation, and bevel grinding and polishing for side edges of countertops. The 7' and 12' lengths are designed for slab cutting and bevel grinding and polishing on the main edges of countertops. Alpha® also offers an assortment kit with all three lengths, at a cost savings, to the fabricator. The 5" Guide Rail Carriage Assembly (ASC-5CSM) is designed for new ESC-125 Wet/Dry Stone Cutter only. Just remove the TT Guide from the base plate of the Stone Cutter, then use the same holding mechanism to attach the Stone Cutter to the Carriage, making it a fast and easy installation. This system allows you to cut straight only. The 6" Guide Rail Carriage Assembly (ASC-6CSM) is designed for the PSC-150 Wet Stone Cutter for straight cuts as well as miter cuts. This carriage has three templates included that assist the install of the stone cutter for left side or right side miter cutting and straight cutting. If you have two sets (Stone Cutter & Carriage Assembly) setup in each direction on the same guide rail, you can cut a V and the edges would be ready for lamination. If you have a single setup (Stone Cutter & Carriage Assembly), the guide rail need only be setup once on the material. The Stone Cutter can then be positioned to create a miter cut, then repositioned for a second miter cut to create the V. The Carriage Assembly for Beveling Auxiliary Base (BAB-CASM) is designed for the Beveling Auxiliary Base (BAB1590) to assist the precision grinding, beveling and polishing applications. Since the application is supported by the guide rail system, it creates the perfect chamfer edge, and difficult edges such as Hollywood Bevel, as well as the straight edge by hand application. We also recommend using the grinding wheel to make mitered edges for the laminated waterfall edge on thin porcelain panels (Laminam, Neolith, Panoramic…etc.) with -½ or less thickness. This method may be used to make a precise miter edge for the perfect laminated edge, instead of the technically demanding miter cut application.


  • Guide Rails are High-Quality Straight Edges Constructed of Sturdy Cast Aluminum
  • Perform Cuts That Are Straight and True, Time After Time
  • Available in Three (3) Lengths and May Be Purchased Individually or As A Kit
  • Works Great When Used with A Carriage Assembly
  • Must-Have Accessory for Wet/Dry Stone Cutters and Beveling Auxiliary Base
  • Complete System Makes Precision Cutting Fast and Easy
  • Perfect for Miter Cutting for Laminated Waterfall Edge

Specification Data
Config Guide Rail + Carriage Assembly + Tool
A ASC Series Guide Rail + ASC-5CSM + ESC-125 or AWS-125
B ASC Series Guide Rail + AWS-UCAM* + AWS-125 or AWS-110
C GR Series Guide Rail + AWS-UCAM + AWS-125 or AWS-110
D ASC Series Guide Rail + ASC-6CSM + PSC-150
E ASC Series Guide Rail + BAB-CASM + BAB-1590
F GR Series Guide Rail + ECO-CAM + AWS-UCAM + ECC-125
G ASC Series Guide Rail + ECO-CAM + AWS-UCAM* + ECC-125
H ASC Series Guide Rail + ECO-CAM + ASC-5CSM + ECC-125
Note: *Spacers Required (contact Alpha® to receive at no charge)

Part No. Size For Use On Description
ASC-GR04 4' (1.2m) Guide Rail with 2 Clamps
ASC-GR07 7' (2.1m) Guide Rail with 2 Clamps
ASC-GR12 12' (3.6m) Guide Rail (2-6' pcs) with 2 Clamps, Connector & 4 Screws
ASC-GRKIT Set Guide Rail Bundle (3 Rails (4',7',12'), 6 Clamps, Connector , 4 Screws)
GR-AGCT 12" (0.3m) Guide Rail Connector w/4 Screws (M8x20) for 12' Rails
ECO-CAM Use with ECC-125 Ecocutter Carriage Assembly
AWS-UCAM Use with AWS-110/AWS-220 Universal Carriage Assembly
ASC-5CSM 5" Use with ESC-125 Guide Rail Carriage Assembly
ASC-6CSM 6" Use with PSC-150 Guide Rail Carriage Assembly
BAB-CASM Use with Beveling Auxiliary Base Carriage Assembly for Beveling Base