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Alpha Libero Blade

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Libero - The Ultimate Dry Blade for Marble

Alpha® Libero is designed to cut materials such as softer marbles, travertines, soapstones, and alabaster without the chipping and cracking commonly associated with the dry cutting process. The advanced electroplated bond outperforms any other blade when cutting softer grades of natural stone. When used on angle grinders and wet stone cutters, Alpha® Libero is aggressive and easy to use, which reduces finishing time and saves you raw material. Marble fabricators will find Alpha® Libero ideal for the intricacy of fabrication work. Tile installers will find Alpha® Libero easy to use on softer marble and travertine tiles. General contractors and sculptors will find Alpha® Libero is great to use for difficult cuts. Whether you use this blade in the shop or in the field, it brings you the quality and long life you expect from a premium blade and the convenience of accurate and precise cutting performance on softer types of natural stone.

  • Recommended for Onyx
  • Highest Quality Diamond Edge for Chip-Free Cutting
  • Specially Designed for Marble and Limestone
  • Best Dry Cutting Electroplated Blade on the Market
  • Precise Cutting Performance on Softer Stone

Part No. Size Thickness Maximum RPM Arbor(s) For Use On
DL04A+ 4" .08mm 14,500 20mm, 5/8" Stone Cutter/Angle Grinder
DL05A+ 4-1/2" .08mm 13,200 7/8", 20mm Stone Cutter/Angle Grinder
DL05S 5" 1.0mm 12,200 7/8" Stone Cutter/Angle Grinder
DL06A+ 6" 1.2mm 10,100 7/8",5/8" Stone Cutter/Angle Grinder
DL07A+ 7" 1.4mm 8,400 5/8",◊ Worm Drive/Angle Grinder