The Ultimate Wet Diamond Blades for Cutting Porcelain Tile

Alpha® Porcellana is our premium wet cutting blade designed for use by tile professionals. The diamond grits and matrix are specially formulated to cut dense porcelain tile and slab with minimal chipping at optimal speed. The Alpha® Porcellana produces high quality cuts that will minimize waste and improve your bottom line. The 8" and 10" blades are equipped with a 10mm continuous rim, which provides for a long cutting life. When used properly, re-dressing of the blade is not necessary, which improves efficiency. All these features combined make the Alpha® Porcellana quite cost-effective. Alpha® also offers this blade in a 4-3/8" and 5" size to fit our AWS-110 and AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutters. This allows tile contractors to perform wet cutting of porcelain tile on the job site, without the need for a bulky tub or tile saw. Besides porcelain, Alpha® Porcellana cuts well on most common materials such as marble and granite tile. Alpha® Porcellana is clearly the best choice for tile contractors.

  • 3/8" (10mm) Tall Diamond Layer for Long Life
  • Tile Installer's Choice for Chip-Free Wet Cutting
  • Recommended for Granite, Marble, Porcelain, Engineered Stone, Travertine and Ceramic Tiles
  • Best Wet Cutting Tile Blade on the Market
  • Hybrid Wet Saw Blade for All Tiles
Part No. Size Thickness Maximum RPM Arbor(s) For Use On
PT04A+ 4-3/8" 1.4mm 13,200 7/8", 20mm Stone Cutter/Angle Grinder
PT05S 5" 1.4mm 12,200 7/8" Stone Cutter/Angle Grinder
PT07A+ 7" 1.6mm 8,400 5/8" Tile Saw
PT08A+ 8" 1.6mm 7,400 5/8" Tile Saw
PT10A+ 10" 1.6mm 5,900 5/8" Tile Saw

Customer Reviews

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Joshua Sills
Awesome Recommendation!

This blade was recommended to me by a Diamond Tool Store sales rep after having explained to him what I was looking for in a saw blade for cutting mainly porcelain tiles. His choice of this blade was spot on. Effortless cutting and superior cut quality. NO SURFACE GLAZE CHIPS! This blade leaves the smoothest cut I have experienced so far in porcelain stoneware tiles. Also, this blades cuts faster than any turbo mesh, or slotted blades. If you are about quality and speed in porcelain and other tile materials, this is it! Thanks for the recommendation!