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Rust Stain Remover (RSR-2000) - Rust Stain Remover in Gel Form

Alpha Professional Tools® leads the way with an innovative product designed to quickly remove common rust stains from natural stone surfaces or other types of material such as concrete, brick, terra cotta, Mexican tile, or other hard porous surfaces. This unique product comes as a pre-mixed gel in 14-ounce tubes and is easily applied to rust stained areas. The RSR-2000 is specially formulated to work extremely fast and will immediately begin to work upon contact with rust. In most cases, the RSR-2000 will completely remove a rust stain within 5 minutes or less. Professional contractors, monumentalists, tile contractors, and fabricators will find that the RSR-2000 works much quicker than most poultices and is substantially easier to use. Most poultices tend to be messy and can take a long time to successfully remove stains. Alpha Professional Tools® has designed this highly efficient product as a non-hazardous chemical that is safe to use and will not harm the environment. Since this product is spreadable because of its gel format, large areas can quickly be covered in short amounts of time. A versatile product, RSR-2000 can be used in a variety of areas such as floors, countertops, vertical surfaces and exterior areas. If you have rust stains, RSR-2000 is the best product for you.


  • Removes Common Rust Stains From Natural Stone Surfaces, Concrete, Brick, Terra Cotta, Mexican Tile, or Other Hard Porous Surfaces
  • Easy To Use Gel Form
  • Specially Formulated To Work Extremely Fast
  • Non-Hazardous Chemical Is Safe To Use and Will Not Harm The Environment
  • Use On Floors, Countertops, Vertical Surfaces and Exterior Areas
  • Available in 14oz Tube or Trial Size 4oz Bottle
  • Tube Covers Approximately 4sqft

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • I applied RSR-2000 over the stained area and nothing happened, what should l do?
    • First you need to find out if the stone was previously treated with wax or any similar chemical.
    • If was waxed then you will need to remove the wax then proceed with the rust stain removal process. The RSR-2000 does not work through a previously treated surface area.
    • If the wax was removed and RSR-2000 gel didn't turn purple in color, then this particular stain isn't a rust stain. We recommend using one of the other Alpha® poultices, which are designed for General, Organic or Ink stains.
  • Can I apply RSR-2000 on walls?
    • Yes. RSR-2000 can be used for wall applications. RSR-2000 is a high-consistency gel, which has the capability of holding its position in vertical applications.
  • What will happen if I leave RSR-2000 applied on the stone overnight?
    • We do not recommend leaving RSR-2000 applied on the stone overnight. If it does happen, you might get a slight purple color from the residue in the stone causing the stone to look purple. When this occurs you will have to use hydrogen peroxide liquid on a towel to remove the purple stain.
  • What is the difference between Alpha® Rust Poultice and RSR-2000?
    • Alpha® Rust Poultice is a powder poultice, which you need to mix with water making the poultice into
    • a paste. This poultice paste general takes an average of 24 hours in order to remove the stain. Also, powder poultice may take several applications before removing the stain from the stone, which may take several days.
    • Alpha® RSR-2000 comes in a gel form already premixed for immediate usage. RSR-2000 generally takes an average of 5 - 10 minutes into one application to remove the rust stain from the stone.
  • Is there anything else that should I be aware of when I apply RSR-2000?
    • Yes. On marble only, an etched spot right over the area where RSR-2000 was applied, may appear during the removal process. This etching is usually happening because of the chemical reaction between the RSR-2000 gel and rust stain. Additional re-polishing may be required over the treated area.
    • Another note that you should be aware of is that RSR-2000 does not remove dyed color in the stone due to the fact of aging process. (I.E. old marble looks rusty but in the same time might be dyed because of the time and color of rust, therefore you will be able to remove the rust but you might still have a slight yellow coloring which is the dye).
  • Does it work on all types of stones?
    • Generally speaking, RSR-2000 works on all types of natural stones.
  • Can l apply RSR-2000 on wet stone?
    • No. You can't use RSR-2000 on wet stone. The surface has to be completely dry before applying RSR-2000, otherwise it will not work.

Helpful Hints

  • Always wear personal safety equipment when applying and removing RSR-2000.
  • Perform your rust stain removal in a well-ventilated area.
  • Since this product's results are very subjective due to the nature of stone, stain and conditions when you apply it is better to perform a demo for your customer to check if they are satisfied with results.

Part No. Size Container
RSR-400G 14 oz. (400g) Tube
RSR-040G 1.4 oz. (40g) Bottle

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