Silencer III for Porcelain/Crystallized Glass - Premium Bridge Saw Blade for Porcelain Slab/Crystallized Glass

Alpha Professional Tools® recognizes the need for a high quality porcelain blade for bridge or table saws and brings this to the marketplace in the form of the Silencer III for Porcelain. The Alpha® Silencer III is a technologically advanced blade that produces excellent cuts while achieving superior cost performance with reduced noise levels. The uniquely designed core is made of two hardened steel sheets with a thin copper sheet laminated between them. This special construction dissipates the usually high noise levels common to this application. Ideal for use in a variety of different sized shops, porcelain fabricators will love the cutting ability of this blade and the amount of time they'll save. The Alpha® Silencer III is equipped with a 60mm arbor which is a common size. Adapters are available to reduce the arbor size. Specially formulated, the Alpha® Silencer III will provide excellent cost performance and reduce noise levels while maintaining a high quality cut. If you fabricate porcelain, the Alpha® Silencer III is perfect for you. In addition, due to the increased popularity of Crystallized Glass, Alpha Professional Tools® has performed extensive testing and determined that the Silencer III for Porcelain is the perfect blade to cut this material.

  • Specialty Bridge Saw Blade Designed for Porcelain and Crystallized Glass
  • Fast, Chip-Free Cutting
  • Superior Cost Performance with Reduced Noise Levels
  • Uniquely Designed Core Is Made of Two Hardened Steel Sheets with A Thin Copper Sheet Laminated Between Them
  • Equipped with A 60mm Arbor and Comes with A 50mm Adapter
  • Free Re-Tipping Service for Life of The Blade


art No. Size Thickness Maximum RPM Arbor(s) Recommended For
SLW1210P 12" 2.2mm 6,200 1" Porcelain/Crystallized Glass
SLW1410P 14" 2.8mm 4,365 60mm, 50mm Porcelain/Crystallized Glass
SLW1610P 16" 3.3mm 3,820 60mm, 50mm Porcelain/Crystallized Glass
SLW1810P 18" 4.4mm 3,395 60mm, 50mm Porcelain/Crystallized Glass