Ammann Premium rammers are technically advanced machines, adapted to help professionals be productive
and safe.

Among the key features of the Premium models are an optimised multi-function gas lever that is shaped and positioned for easy reach and operation; a low emission engine that fulfills the strictest regulations worldwide, and an additional air filter system that extends the life of the machine.

The premium models also feature the vibration-isolated handle concept that limits hand-arm vibrations to protect the operator. The handle is an important feature to make work more comfortable and to avoid long term health issues. required, the height of the handle can be adjusted to adapt to the operator’s size.

The Premium rammers utilise a Honda GXR 120 engine that meets the strictest emissions requirements.

Weights & Dimensions
Machine weight 68 kg
Foot lenght 340 mm
Foot width 280 mm
Handle lenght 710 mm
Machine height 1020 mm
Handle width 355 mm
Engine Honda GXR 120
Fuel Petrol
Engine Output 2,7 kW (3,7 HP)
    at RPM 4300
Compaction Forces
Percussion rate 11.3 Hz
Stroke height 65 mm
Centrifugal force 13 kN
Surface capacity 226.8 m²/h
max. compaction performance* 50 cm
Fuel tank capacity 3,2 l
Travel speed 13,5 m/min
Optional foot sizes width 165–200–230–330–400 mm

* depending on ground conditions

Best-in-class machine balance
The rammers’ design provides exceptional balance that prevents tipping and delivers a host of operator benefits, including effortless guidance and precise control. The balance also spurs the forward movement that boosts rammer performance and productivity – and ultimately leads to profitability.Pure compaction power
Ammann ATR Rammers are powerful tools that send vibration to the ground and away from operators. The result: an industry leader in both compaction force and operator comfort.Extremely durable
Taking a hit is not problem for the Ammann Rammers. High quality components and protective casings keep the machines running, even under the toughest conditions.
Optimised gas throttle
Optmised, multi-functional gas throttle eases the operation and assures a preserving handling for the engine to maximise it’s lifetime.0    Stop position
The lever also automatically
cuts off the fuel and shuts down
the electric system.1    Idle speed
Fuel and electric system are turned on,
engine can be started.2    Full speed
Machine is working and engine runs
on optimal RPM.
Height Adjustable
The adjustable height of the guide handle ensures comfort for operators of all sizes. The handle’s vibration-isolated feature also maximises operator comfort.
Secure Grip from All sides
The handle’s design enables a secure grip from all sides. The operator can maintain precise control, even while turning the machine in any direction.Double air filtration
The premium models feature the standard Ammann air filter together with the original filter from the engine. This double filtration system significantly extends the lifetime of the engine, keeping the machine productive for
a longer period.
Powerful engines
A reliable engine, best suited to the machines size, is built into every ATR machine to grant optimal power and long life.Low emission engines
Equiped with the Honda GXR 120 engine, the Premium ATR models are suitable for emission regulated countries.
The engine is in line with latest technologies and excels through its silent operation and low fuel consumption.