C100 Rigid Boom designed for the heavy duty lifting with a weight capacity of 10,000 pounds!

Rigid Booms are an effective solution when handling trees, truss, or awkward materials and equipment in areas not reachable by machine. Arrow's premium steel is forged into a tubular boom. The tubular form factor makes for a lightweight yet rugged lifting solution. Rigid Booms are an effective solution for landscaping, construction, and manufacturing.

Features of Forklift Boom:

  • Welded Anchor Hook
  • 36" Anchor Chain with slip hook
  • Four Hook Positions
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Part #: C100
  • Fork Pockets fit forks up to 3" X 10"
  • Weight - 310 lbs.
Model C100
Type Rigid



Hook Position

1(26") 10,000
2(36") 10,000
3(48") 10,000
4(60") 10,000