Easy to Use, Compact Grooving and Grinding Machines.

Useful for creating textured anti-slip areas for improved traction.

  •  Gasoline Powered (Honda™ Model)
  •  Electric Powered (Marathon™ Model)

Features & Benefits:
• Compact and maneuverable machine that can be used for grooving and grinding applications
• Great for trenchwork and projects where large machines cannot access
• Self-propelled hydrostatic transmission
• Heavy duty construction to handle big jobs
• Power raise and lower system
• Upcut grinding head rotation
• Accepts 12" blades on a 10" or 16" grinding head with specifications that can be custom fit to your application

Engine/Motor Make Power Source Head Capacity Description Part Number Catalog Number
Marathon® Electric 10"/12" 10" wide grinding 5803005 08009
Honda® Gasoline 10"/12" 10" wide grinding 5803003 08005