Chicago Pneumatic CP 4130 D-handle Chipping Hammer is a culmination of decades of research and technical refinement. Chicago Pneumatic tools are reliable, safe and robust and are value for money and easy to use.

Chicago Pneumatic 8900 0001 16 Chipping Hammer is precision heat treated for maximum performance at 1,920 Blows Per Minute. It is lightweight and can be used as a concrete breaker that can be easily positioned to break vertical and overhead surfaces. CP 4130 Chipping Hammer is a great tool for most small area works. It is also used for removing welding slag from a weld and welding spatter from along side welds. With an easily serviceable D-handle and directional exhaust for convenience, these are hammers one can rely on. This Chipping Hammer is a construction duty tool with die-cast aluminum handle and outside trigger. Thanks to its high power and exclusive ergonomic features, this tool gets your productivity at the top, no matter how tough the conditions.


  • Complete line of hammers
  • Strong and reliable
  • All models equipped with mufflers for noise reduction


  • Used for construction and industrial applications including chipping and scaling