COTR-03 Pneumatic Reversible Cut-Off Tool

Pneumatic Reversible Cut-Off Tool


  • Special Hub Allows for Left or Right Turning/Cutting Action
  • Collar Operated Easy Directional Change
  • Safety Throttle Lever
  • Rear Exhaust
  • Powerful Motor (0.85 HP/0.63 KW)
  • One Year Warranty* (*See manual for details)


Cut-Off tools are must-have items for most metal fabricators and automotive restoration shops. There are typically three different types available: In-Line Cut-Off Tool which is more or less the same idea as using a grinder to cut stone; a Standard Cut-Off Tool that is similar to a straight grinder with a safety guard for the general cutting applications; an Extended Cut-Off Tool that is designed to use for difficult to reach areas. Alpha® introduces the COTR-03 Reversible Cut-Off Tool. This cut-off tool is 8-1/16" length and has a special hub that allows for left or right turning of the cutting wheel. The direction of wheel can be changed easily by collar to direct the sparks and debris away from the operator. The operation is also comfortable with rear exhaust design. In addition, the unit has a powerful 0.85 HP motor that enhances the capacity of the Ultracut ABM series blade.


Specification Data
Model COTR-03
Free Speed 20,000 RPM
Cutting Disc Dimensions 3" / 75mm
Air Inlet 1/4" NPT
Hose Size ID 3/8" / 10mm
Air Consumption 4 CFM (113L/min)
Length 8-1/16" / 204mm
Weight 2.0 lbs / 0.9 kgs
Noise Level 83 dB(A)
Recommended Air Pressure 90 PSI (6.2 Bar)
Part No. Size Maximum RPM Type Arbor(s)
COTR-03 3" 20,000 Pneumatic 3/8" (10mm)

Question : What kind of compressor do I need to use the COTR-03?

Answer : Since the COTR-03 may consume up to 4 CFM, Alpha® recommends using with a 3 hp or larger compressor that is commonly found in garages.

Question : Can I use the COTR-03 for Flush Cutting?

Answer : No, you cannot use the COTR-03 for flush cutting due to the direct drive design

Question : Does COTR-03 come with Ultracut ABM Series blade?

Answer : No. The COTR-03 comes with a standard aluminum oxide abrasive cut-off wheel for metal.

Question : Can I use the COTR-03 at the jobsite?

Answer : Yes as long as you have the required compressed air available, you can use the COTR-03 at the jobsite.

Question : What kind of maintenance do I have to do on the COTR-03?

Answer : Alpha® recommends adding daily oil to the designated oil port at the end of the job to lubricate the motor.

Question : Is there a dust shroud available for the COTR-03?

Answer : No. There is not a dust shroud available for the COTR-03 at this time.