Music-Slot Diamond Blade is a thin rim blade for cutting porcelain and vitreous tile


  • Supreme grade wet only, thin-rim blade for porcelain & vitreous tile.
  • The Dia-Plus Music-Slot Blade has tension slots to prevent dishing and blade wobble.
  • Diamond blade ensures a consistent cutting edge and eliminating porcelain surface chipping even with the hardest porcelain tile Standard arbor size fits all tile saws.
  • Ideal for wet cutting of porcelain, vitreous and ceramic tile.
  • Cuts 10% faster and lasts 20% longer than standard blades.
  • Eliminates porcelain surface chipping.


Item# Size Arbor Segment Height RPMS
LW10UT0406C 4 1" 10mm N/A
LW10UT4506C 4.5 1" 10mm N/A
LW10UT0506C 5 1" 10mm N/A
LW10UT0606A 6 1" 10mm N/A
LW10UT0706A 7 1" 10mm N/A
LW10UT0806A 8 1" 10mm N/A
LW10UT0906A 9 1" 10mm N/A
LW10UT1006A 10 1" 10mm N/A
LW10UT1208E 12 1" 10mm N/A
LW10UT1408E 14 1" 10mm N/A